We take pride in our team’s efforts to always provide reliable and professional service to every customer and project of every size. Here are some of the written statements sent to us by our satisfied customers from all over the world:
An Automobile Glass Company in Shanghai, China
SINO-MSL LINES has provided consistent, value-added service time and again. We have been especially impressed with your quick clearance and delivery as your communications, contacting our suppliers and alerting us before shipments arrive so that we can make the necessary preparations. Our partnership with SINO-MSL LINES has been invaluable in our operations. We look forward to many more years of the same, high level service that you have provided us.
A Major US Pharmaceutical Company
SINO-MSL LINES’ partnership with Squibb Shanghai dates back to 1991. Through these years, we thank you for your continued support and long-term commitment to satisfying our needs, especially in our overseas procurement program, and in assisting us in various negotiations with our vendors and ensuring that our cargo are ready to ship in a timely manner. In our business, it is very important to make sure that raw materials could be imported on short notice. As a result, your value-added service helps us to meet our production schedule. We look forward to continuing and expanding our cooperation in the years to come.
One of the Largest Steel Manufacturers of China
SINO-MSL LINES has been our OTI since 1993. For over 12 years, SINO-MSL has proven to be a proactive company with excellent teamwork, reliability, professionalism – always providing us with the best service.