DOCUMENTS - Papers customarily attached to foreign drafts, consisting of ocean bills of lading, marine insurance certificates, and commercial invoices, and where required, including certificates of origin and consular invoices.
DRAFT - Buyer’s payment for goods.
DRAYAGE - Local trucking.
DUNNAGE - Wood and other packing materials used to wedge and otherwise keep cargo in place.
DUTY - (a) “Ad Valorem duty” means an assessed amount at a certain percentage rate on the monetary value of an import. (b) “Specific duty” is an assessment on the weight or quantity of an article without preference to its monetary value or market price. (c) “Drawback” is a recovery in whole or in part of duty paid on imported merchandise at the time of exportation, in the same or different form.
EX (POINT OF ORIGIN) - From the point where the shipment begins movement, e.g., “Ex Factory” “Ex Mine” or “Ex Warehouse.” See “Terms of Sale.”
EX-DOCK (From dock) - Seller owns goods until they are unloaded on dock at port of discharge; selling price includes all costs so far plus cost of unloading from vessel.
EX-FACTORY - Seller owns goods until they are picked up at his factory; selling price is the cost of the goods.