CONSIGNEE - Party who is to receive the shipment; usually the buyer.
CONSIGNMENT - Merchandise shipped to a foreign agent or customer when an actual purchase has not been made, but under an agreement obliging the Consignee to pay the Consignor for the goods when sold.
CONSIGNOR - Party who is to send the shipment.
CONSOLIDATION - The Consolidation Endorsement may be added to an Open Cargo Policy at an agreed premium, to provide coverage on merchandise while in transit to, and while at, a common consolidation point for the purpose of preparing or consolidating the merchandise for export.
CONSULAR DOCUMENTS - Bills of lading, certificates of origin or special invoice forms that are officially signed by the Consul of the country of destination.
CONSULAR INVOICE - A detailed statement of goods shipped certified by the Consul at the point of shipment.
CONTAINERIZATION - Shipping systems based on large cargo-carrying containers ranging up to 48 feet long that can be easily interchanged between trucks, trains and ships without rehandling the contents.
CONTRABAND - During the time of war, materials carried aboard a vessel that could aid a belligerent in the process of the war, such as arms, weapons or munitions.