A trusted OTI for over 27 years, our team at SINO-MSL LINES always seeks to maximize client satisfaction, as we move freight globally for virtually every industry. Through our dedicated and highly trained specialists, we maintain a wide range of high level, quality logistics services that are cost-effective and efficient.
SINO-MSL LINES, an FMC-Bonded OTI (FMC Lic.# 9651N), provide global logistics solutions to our customers. Our goal is to provide the highest level of communication and coordination, to understand your needs and offer you value-added services.
We have the experience in complex logistical challenges and can provide you with creative solutions to important project requirements—structured in a way that gives you the competitive edge—to meet your global supply chain management needs. We offer pricing solutions for businesses of every size, and we will work closely with you so that all goods will be carefully transported, while ensuring that your cargo moves on a strict transit schedule.
SINO-MSL LINES offers you a wide range of technology services to give you maximum flexibility and control. Our proprietary Track and Trace logistics system streamlines the process and secures a more productive dispatch process, leading to greater operational efficiency and improved customer communications.
With our Track and Trace system, you will be able to manage the entire transportation logistics process from start to finish, access all the shipping information needed to manage shipments easily and efficiently, and receive continuous updates on all your shipments through a combination of web and mobile-based solutions for your peace of mind.