How do I get more information about SINO-MSL LINES Services?
For more information on any of our services, please contact us at Tel (718) 528-1833; Fax (718) 528-1507 or send an email to
How can I get a quote for the goods I want shipped?
SINO-MSL LINES can be reached at Tel (718) 528-1833; Fax (718) 528-1507 or send an email to Our team at SINO-MSL LINES will get back to you immediately.
Packing and Shipping
What can I ship with SINO-MSL LINES?
The following types of goods can be shipped with SINO-MSL LINES (for more detailed information, please contact us):

General Merchandise/General Cargo

Various goods that are not specifically subject to breakage, such as: Fabrics, Clothes, Textiles, Metal and Plastic Items, Toys, Books, Shoes, Stationery, Brand New Furniture without any Glass, Products in Iron Drums, Housework Articles, Tools, Ironmongery (Metal hardware), Taps, Wire, Bicycles, Domestic Appliances, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Ovens, Cookers, Grills, Refrigerators and Freezers, Automobile and Motorcycle parts, Engines, Transmissions, etc.

Branded Goods

Such as: Cosmetics, Sports Goods, Fishing/Hunting Equipment, Perfumes, Garments, Eye ware, Silverware, Leather Goods and Leatherwear, etc...

Precision Instruments

Any type of Instrument, including Scientific Instruments, Medical and Dental Instruments (that do not contain electronics), etc.


Such as: Heavy Material Machinery, Building Site Vehicles, Generators, Road Works Equipment, Drilling Equipment, Wheelchairs, Spare Parts and Accessories, etc.

Fragile Goods

Such as: Enamelware, Glassware, Sanitary ware, Chinaware, Potteries, Crystal ware, Bulbs, Neon lights, Tubes, Cathode Ray Tubes, Furniture with Glass, Fragile Medical and Dental equipment, anything containing Glass, etc.

Bottled Products, (excluding Beverages)

Such as: Non-hazardous Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Products in Bottles, Food and Liquids in Bottles.

Non-Perishable Food

Such as: Food and Pharmaceutical Products in Tins, Cans, Paper and Liquid Items in Tins.

ATV, Motorbikes

Such as: Motorcycles, Mopeds, Motored scooters, ATV Vehicles, etc.

Household Goods and Personal Effects

Such as: Furniture and other used Household Items and Personal Effects.


Such as Steel Sheets, Coils, Bars, Billets.


Such as: CPUs, Monitors, Laptops, Main Frames, Printers, Photocopiers, Sorters, Scanners, Plotters, All Types of Televisions (Analog, HDTV, Plasma), TV Receiver Sets, Projectors, DVD Players, DVD Recorders (DVR), Digital Interactive Receivers (Tivo, etc.), VCRs, Video Data Equipment, Palm Pilots, All Stereo Equipment, Telephones and Telephone Equipment, Lucent Switches and Cables, Medical/Dental and Scientific Equipment containing Electronics, Electronic Vending Machines, Electronic Juke Boxes, Electronic Slot Machines, Any Machinery or Equipment containing Electronics that make up 60% of its value, etc.

SINO-MSL LINS will ship following items with proper arrangements : Hazardous Materials, any Hazardous Chemicals and/or Substances.
What information should I have readily available to discuss my shipment with an SINO-MSL LINES Agent?
To be able to give you a quoted rate, we will need the origin city of your shipment with the zip code and the destination city with the zip code. We will also need information such as: do we need to have a forklift for delivery or pick up? Is there a dock on either end? What is the weight and dimensions of the shipment? Are there any time constraints?

The preceding information will help our SINO-MSL LINES Agent determine the mode of transportation to meet your deadlines. If there are additional documents needed from the consignor, we will let you know if that is necessary. You will also need to let us know how many pieces are in the shipment and the type of packaging. All of this information gives us the ability to provide you with an accurate rate. Contact SINO-MSL LINES and speak to one of our Agents will help you with any other specific information you may need.