Chartered Large-Capacity Aircraft from Helsinki to Tianjin
PROJECT:A new factory in Tianjin, China was to be inaugurated and a big ceremony was scheduled, to be attended by top officials from the Chinese government. SINO-MSL was required to come up with a plan that would involve large and substantial equipment to be flown in from Helsinki, Finland to Tianjin, China in one flight.
LOGISTICS REQUIREMENTS, CHALLENGES & SOLUTIONS:To accommodate the enormous cargo size, SINO-MSL had only one choice of aircraft, the Antonov-124, which has a larger capacity than a Boeing 747 cargo carrier. On short notice, SINO-MSL was able to make the necessary arrangements with our partner company in Finland, and coordinated with the Finnish supplier and the end-user to prepare all the pertinent documents (the equipment qualified for duty-free exemption). SINO-MSL also arranged for preventive measures and organized the flight crew to fly from Helsinki to Tianjin. This was all done within 2 weeks.
RESULT:A slight hiccup to the otherwise seamless process occurred when, due to the rush and small window of opportunity, the airliner landing rights and the visas for the flight crew were not immediately secured from Russia in time for their arrival in China. SINO-MSL’s project manager in Tianjin came to the rescue and quickly contacted several bureaus to help expedite the process. All told, the shipment landed 1 day late and the customer was extremely satisfied.